Saturday Seminar

Season 2018

Saturday Seminar Season 2019

Venue: Barrio Norte – Av. Pueyrredón 1388
Tel: 4821-9003 | 4827-4511
Schedule: 9:30 to 12:30

MAY 18th

“Young Learners: Creative Teaching - Effective Learning”

Prof. Ivana Gambarrutta

Graduate from ISP "Dr. Joaquín V. González ". Specialization in Literature in English. Co-editor of The LCB News, the Liceo's Magazine. Interested in children, pre-teen and teen literature.

JUNE 22nd

“Teaching English or teaching your students? Exploring the options.”

Prof. Gladys Baya

English Teacher (ISP "Dr. J. V. González") and "Licenciada en Educación" (UNQ). Specialized in Methodology (ISP "J. V. González" and ICT for education (FLACSO and UTN). Currently teaching EFL at high school and lecturing in Methodology at ISP "Dr. J. V. González". Leader of The LCB Online Team.


“A balanced lesson is a healthy lesson: how to achieve it.”

Prof. Silvia Luppi

Teacher of English (ISP "Dr. J. V. González") and BA in English (Universidad Nacional del Litoral). She has worked as EFL teacher in CABA, as a teacher educator both online and face to face in Argentina and Uruguay, as an Oral Examiner for Cambridge Assessment and as a consultant for publishers. She was part of the FL team at the Ministry of Education (CABA). Author of a series of books for EFL at primary state schools.


“Bridging the gap with meaningful tasks.”

Prof. Ma. Inés Porcel de Peralta

Teacher of English (IES en Lenguas Vivas “J.R.Fernández”) specialized in Methodology (Lenguas Vivas). She has worked at primary and secondary school and is currently lecturing in Didactics at IES Lenguas Vivas and Daguerre Institute. She is also an Oral Examiner for Cambridge Assessment.

Registration fees:

  • 1 session $ 240
  • 2 sessions $400
  • 4 sessions $720
  • TTC students $160 each session
  • LCB Staff for free