Saturday Seminar

Season 2018

Saturday Seminar Season 2018

Venue: Barrio Norte – Av. Pueyrredón 1388 (To be confirmed)
Tel: 4821-9003  4827-4511
Schedule: 9:30 to 12:30

MAY 19th

“The challenge of teaching young learners: understanding the way they learn to bring creative teaching to the classroom.”

Prof. Sabrina Ragno

Graduate from ISP ‘Dr Joaquín V. González’. Lecturer in ‘Lengua Inglesa 1’ (ENS en Lenguas Vivas ‘S.E.B. de Spangenberg’) and ‘Intro a la Investigación en la Didáctica de la Lengua Inglesa’ (IES en Lenguas Vivas ‘J. R. Fernández’). Head of English at Colegio Champagnat. Exams Coordinator at Ministerio de Educación, Gerencia Operativa de Lenguas en la Educación.

JUNE 23rd

“Teaching in a flipped world - Rethinking ELT in times of change.”

Prof. Gladys Baya

Graduate from I.S.P “Dr. Joaquín V. González”. Specialized in Methodology and ICT for education and New Technologies (FLASCO). Currently attending “Licenciatura en Educación” (UVQ). Lecturer in Methodology and ICT (CONSUDEC).


“Fun Ways to Deal with Literature in our Classes.”

We all love reading stories with our students. Yet, we may feel we always deal with them in the same way.

Prof. Ivana Gambarrutta

Graduate from ISP “Dr. Joaquín V. González”. Specialized in Literature in English. Co-editor of The LCB News, the Liceo’s Magazine. Interested in children, pre-teen and teen literature.


““Five Minds” for the Future.”

How can teachers integrate Howard Gardner’s principles into their lessons to help students develop 21st Century Learning Skills?

Prof. Laura Sebastiano

Graduate from I.S.P “Dr. Joaquín V. González”. Specialized in teaching and learning with new technologies (CONICET). Seminar Attendance: Master in Education and Technology (UBA). Community Manager: Social Media Management (UTN).

Registration fees:

  • 1 session $ 190
  • 2 sessions $320
  • 4 sessions $570
  • TTC students $130 each session
  • LCB Staff for free